How do I know if the agent is the one for me?

Is it legal to sell your property without an agent? Yes it is! However, here’s how a property agent can help. We will also share with you different agencies and their differences. You will also learn how you can verify claims of expertise made by various property agents. Build your wealth through property video topics

Should I Sell my HDB flat to buy private property?

Most Singaporeans would purchase an HDB Flat as their first property.  It could be from a HDB sales launch like a Built To Order (BTO) or Sales of Balance Flats (SBOF) or a resale HDB flat. Most likely, if HDB is your first property and you have already reached your Minimum Occupation Period (MOP), you […]

Where do buyers come from?

Think about this question for a moment, how does a property agent get buyers for you? Do all agents have access to a secret database where there is a list of ready buyers? Here we will expose the SECRETS of the property industry! Find out the truth behind popular web portals and youtube videos. Discover […]